3 Ways to Celebrate Your Skin

You already know that KAIKE is a fun, minimal, plant-based skincare brand on a mission to celebrate our skin, but what do we actually mean when we say “celebrate your skin”?

Because we believe that skincare = self-care, our mission is to celebrate our skin by changing how we care for it on the outside, and how we feel about it on the inside.

We’ve all been there - acne, dark spots, inflammation, with not so happy skin. We go on the hunt for new skincare products hoping to clear our blemishes with abrasive exfoliants and toners and peels that burn, but not only do they oftentimes not work, we’re also left feeling even more insecure about our imperfections. 

On the surface, to celebrate your skin means to treat it like you love it. Skincare shouldn’t hurt, and if your products are burning, that doesn’t mean it’s working. Celebrate your skin by listening to it. Identify the source of your breakouts (or other skincare concerns) and feed your skin what it needs to thrive.

Beyond skin-deep, celebrating our skin means appreciating it, flaws and all, from a place of self-love.

What celebration looks like

  1. Get some rest. Sleep protects skin. Your skin restores itself while you sleep, so if you cut back on sleep you are reducing the amount of time the skin has to repair, retain moisture, protect and heal those imperfections you complain about.
  2. Drink some water. Drinking an ample amount of water each day () helps to rid the skin of toxins, improves blood flow, and helps maintain your skin's elasticity.
  3. Upgrade your skincare routine. We love a 3-step routine with Melt, a Mask of choice, and Icing. Put those targeted treatments to use by feeding your skin the ingredients it needs to thrive. What better way to celebrate your skin than with a piece of KAIKE!

Celebrating your skin means learning to love and appreciate it.  By celebrating your unique skin, you’re reminded to embrace the unique composition, texture, skin tone - as well as the imperfections- that you’ve been gifted.

The list doesn't end here! Drop a comment and tell us how you’re celebrating your skin!

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