Our Founder

Based outside of Chicago, IL, Keli Smith is a serial entrepreneur and founder of KAIKE (pronounced ‘cake’), a plant-based skincare brand on a mission to celebrate melanin-rich skin.

Keli launched KAIKE in 2015 after her own struggle to find clean skincare products formulated for her eczema-prone, melanin-rich skin. What she was unable to find on beauty shelves, Keli created with clean yet effective skin treats that are as easy and enjoyable as a piece of cake.

What began as mixing up oils + butters in the kitchen has grown into a brand serving up decadent, award-winning skincare to celebrate the beauty of melanin-rich skin everywhere.

In addition to being a beauty founder, Keli is also a mom of five and advocate for mompreneurs and tired mothers everywhere. Through strategic coaching, she is helping boss moms everywhere move from overwhelmed to celebrating every moment.


Keli Smith, Founder of KAIKE