Our Story

You can have your KAIKE and eat it too!  Well, your skin can.  Same thing, right?

Founded in 2015 by Keli SmithKAIKE (pronounced ‘cake’), is a fun, plant-based skincare brand with a belief in celebrating our skin. 

Born from the idea that less is more, we create minimal + multi-purpose products to solve a variety of skincare issues specific to melanin-rich skin.  We believe in celebrating our skin as it is now, and having fun on the journey to something even better.

We get all giddy inside for healthy, nourished skin, and a skincare routine that's a #pieceofkaike.  And just like the decadence and happiness found in enjoying actual cake, we're sweet on products with an ingredients list that reads (and smells) like a delicious recipe good enough for your skin to eat.  

Cake is found at the center of every celebration, and what better way to cultivate and celebrate healthy skin than with a #pieceofkaike?