Our Story

KAIKE (pronounced ‘cake’), is a plant-based skincare brand on a mission to celebrate our skin.

Born from the belief that less is more, we create minimal & multipurpose products with a focus on celebrating, not punishing, melanin-rich skin. Skincare should be a piece of cake, and there's no better way to celebrate healthy skin than with clean, decadent skincare essentials that make your routine a #pieceofkaike.

We believe that skincare = self-care, so our desire is to celebrate our skin by changing how we care for it because we celebrate the things we love.

Our Origin

KAIKE was launched in 2015 by Keli Smith after her own struggle to find clean skincare products that didn’t irritate her eczema-prone, melanin-rich skin. What she was unable to find on beauty shelves, Keli created with clean yet effective skincare treats that are as easy and enjoyable as indulging in an actual piece of cake.

What began as mixing up oils + butters in the kitchen has grown into a brand serving up decadent, award-winning skincare to celebrate the beauty of melanin-rich skin everywhere.

Our Products

The first product created, Frosting, is a rich hair + body butter that quickly became a fan favorite. Our product catalog has now grown to 5 minimal + multi-purpose products across skin and body care, with an exhaustive list of exciting innovations in the oven.

All of our water-free formulas are plant-based, and free of preservatives, parabens, and a list of other no nos.