Your skin should be celebrated.

Self-care, like any celebration, starts with a #pieceofkaike


Celebratory skincare

Born from the idea that less is more, we create minimal + multi-purpose products to solve a variety of skincare issues specific to melanin-rich skin.  

We happen to be a little sweet on products with an ingredients list that reads like a delicious recipe good enough for your skin to eat. 

We believe in celebrating our skin, and since cake is usually found at the center of every celebration, what better way to cultivate and celebrate healthy skin than with a #pieceofkaike?



Sugar Scrub

$ 15.00


from $ 25.00

Melt Oil Cleanser

$ 25.00

Plant-based skincare

100% vegan + cruelty-free

multi-purpose products

Less ingredients, lots of uses


Ingredients you can pronounce

Let's get a little KAIKE on your face 😜

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Chocolate Clay Mask + Scrub

$ 20.00

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Green Tea Clay Mask + Scrub

$ 20.00

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Lip Frosting

$ 5.00

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Marshmallow Clay Mask + Scrub

$ 20.00

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